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UNS N08020, ASTM B473能买电竞比赛的彩票,lol电竞竞猜,英雄联盟外围投注软件

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alloy-20Alloy 20 stainless steel?is a super-austenitic stainless alloy developed for maximum corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid and other aggressive environments not suitable for typical austenitic grades.?

Our Alloy 20 steel is a solution for stress corrosion cracking that can occur when stainless steel is introduced to chloride solutions. We supply?Alloy 20 steel?for a variety of applications and will help in determining the precise amount for your current project. Alloy 20 can be used for a wide variety of applications including control valves, pressure relief valves, and centrifugal pumps. It is composed of carbon, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, phosphorous, silicon, and sulfur.

Best Stainless provides its customers with a variety of alloy 20 steel stock shapes under the high quality standards of UNS N08020 and ASTM B473.

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Nickel-Alloy 20 Steel Mechanical Properties能买电竞比赛的彩票,lol电竞竞猜,英雄联盟外围投注软件

ConditionUltimate Tensile
Strength (PSI)
0.2% Yield
Strength (PSI)
(% in 2in.)
Reduction Of
Area (%)
Annealed 80,000 35,000 30 50 * * Quote ?

Nickel Alloy 20 Applications能买电竞比赛的彩票,lol电竞竞猜,英雄联盟外围投注软件

Nickel Alloy 20 Stock Shapes能买电竞比赛的彩票,lol电竞竞猜,英雄联盟外围投注软件

Nickel Alloy 20 Composition能买电竞比赛的彩票,lol电竞竞猜,英雄联盟外围投注软件

  • Carbon 0.070 Max
  • Chromium 19.0-21.0
  • Copper 3.0-4.0
  • Iron 29.85-44.0
  • Manganese 2.0 Max
  • Molybdenum 2.0-3.0
  • Nickel 32.0-38.0
  • Phosphorus 0.0450 Max
  • Silicon 1.00 Max
  • Sulfur 0.0350 Max

Industry Standards能买电竞比赛的彩票,lol电竞竞猜,英雄联盟外围投注软件

  • UNS N08020
  • ASTM B473

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